Nitish Kumar’s dream of becoming PM with support from 20 parties involved in Rs 20 lakh crore scam will fall flat: Shah

 Political Voice,Juky 3rd,2023:Lambasting Bihar Chief Minister “Paltu Babu,” Nitish Kumar for changing loyalties conveniently, Home Minister Amit Shah on Thursday said Kumar’s dream of becoming prime minister with the support of 20 corrupt political parties responsible for scams worth Rs 20 lakh crore would fall flat.    

Addressing a massive rally in Bihar’s Lakhisarai district, Shah said the people of Bihar should not trust and hand over the reign of the state Nitish Kumar since his behaviour resembles chameleon. 

“Can a leader who changes house again & again be trusted? Should the reins of Bihar be given in the hands of such a man? He knows it too. That is why, he is sitting in front of Congress’ house to be the Prime Minister of the country. He doesn’t want to be the Prime Minister, he is just hoodwinking Lalu Yadav at this age. He wants to stay here in Bihar and has gathered all rivals of BJP,” Shah said.

Referring to the meeting of opposition leaders in Patna last week, Shah said, “It is true that more than 20 parties agreed to come together. But it must also be noted that these parties are together responsible for scams worth over Rs 20 lakh crore”. Kumar hosted the opposition leaders in Patna.

Shah also took a pot-shot against Kumar for raising doubt about the work done by the Modi dispensation in the last nine years in the Centre. 

“Paltu babu Nitish Kumar was asking what was done (by the Centre) in nine years. At least have some regard for those with whom you sat and due to whom you became the Chief Minister. PM Modi has done a lot of work across the country in these nine years.” Modi Ji has received a lot of honour in his recent foreign visits and, “It is not the BJP, but the people of India, including Bihar, who are the indirect recipients of the honour.” Deviating from the days of the Sonia-Manmohan regime, the Modi government retaliated with surgical strikes almost instantaneously after attacks in Uri and Balakot. 

Throwing a counter question, Shah asked Kumar about his contribution to the state apart from changing alliance partners. “It is because of Nitish Kumar, goonda raj has unleashed again in Bihar, sand, arms and liquor mafia have again raised their heads. Law and order situation in the state has also been worsening.” 

Shah said the people of Bihar always raised their voices against corruption and they will give a befitting reply to these corrupt leaders in the 2024 general election as well. The Home minister urged the people of Bihar to vote en masse for the BJP to ensure a third term for Prime Minister Modi in the Centre. 

Shah also trained his gun against the Congress and mocked it for launching its former MP Rahul Gandhi for the last 20 years without success.  “The Congress is a strange party. Launching a leader is unheard of in politics. We come from a party where a leader is not launched, but the public launches him. But Congress has been launching Rahul Baba for 20 years now. But he doesn’t get launched,” Shah said, much to the amusement of the thousands of supporters who assembled to listen to him braving inclement weather.


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